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Double glazing projects are just one way to improve the value of your Barnet home. When you look for your next windows, doors or rooflights, don’t hesitate to call Glideline. We pride ourselves on our experience as manufacturers and installers. Based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, we work throughout the UK.


We specialise in large refurbishments and new builds, but unlike our competitors, we can offer unique and bespoke double glazing products for Barnet homeowners. That means something when you’re looking to improve the value of your home while retaining thermal efficiency and security. One size doesn’t fit all, but we make sure that every window suits your Barnet home. So get in touch with our team today!

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Our professional team has experience as both manufacturers and installers, which means that we understand every part of the installation process and the technical details about our double glazing products.
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We make it easy to contact us. Responding quickly is the best way to ensure that Barnet tradespeople and homeowners get prompt and outstanding service. We’ll reduce the red tape and the headaches for your next double glazing project.
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High Quality

We don’t just offer lower lead times with our manufacturing facilities. We ensure that you’ll get high quality products that follow all of the latest British rules and regulations. In an ever changing environment, it’s important to show double glazing products that are up to date.
aluminium double glazing Barnet

Flat Roofs

Let light grace your Barnet home when you decide to install flat roofs. Striking skylights can not only improve the lighting, but it can also improve the mood and aesthetic. Lighten dark areas with flat rooflights that come watertight and weatherproof for hardwearing and long lasting double glazing products with a ten year guarantee.

Lantern Roofs

Whether you’re looking for lantern roofs in your next orangery or kitchen, we can help give you the open and airy living space that you need. Lantern roofs help give your home spaciousness, opening up rooms to appealing sky views. Homeowners can make their home the envy of their Barnet neighbours when installing these lovely double glazed lantern roofs.

Sliding Doors

Classic, modern, and secure sliding doors offer homeowners a way to improve the light and create an easy opening to their garden or patio. Furthermore, double glazing means that they retain warmth in the winter while keeping homes cool in the summer. Colours and hardware are easy to find when you use our quoting engine.

Aluminium Double Glazing Barnet

Double glazing projects can be long and involved if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Fortunately, at Glideline, our experienced technicians and manufacturers can help you find the windows, doors and rooflights that you need.


We already know that recyclable products are in ever increasing demand. That’s why we make sure to manufacture with aluminium. Unlike other materials, aluminium can be recycled multiple times while retaining its core properties.


Aluminium is one of the strongest building materials available. Yet, unlike steel, it’s extraordinarily light. This is because of its key strength to weight ratio, which makes it easier to fit and to replace. When you’re looking for double glazing products, aluminium is truly the best material available.


Especially since it’s low maintenance and long lasting, Barnet homeowners simply have to wipe it down with soap and cloth in order to keep it clean. Find your next rooflight, window or door installation when working with Glideline.

What are the disadvantages of double glazed windows?

You may have heard that double glazing in windows can create stuffy Barnet homes. This simply isn’t true. Firstly, because insulation can reduce solar glare in the summertime, leading to a cooler home.


But also, because of new regulations, all windows are manufactured with trickle vents. Trickle vents improve the circulation in your home by allowing fresh air in and old air out. This is just one way to reduce stuffiness and to reduce indoor pollutants.

Does double glazing keep the cold out?

Yes! Double glazing can improve your window energy rating (WER) in your doors and windows. This can help improve the overall thermal efficiency of your Barnet home, not to mention that it can also help improve your home’s value.

What is a polyamide thermal break?

Aluminium frames almost always come with polyamide thermal breaks. This insulating material has many of the same properties as aluminium, namely that it won’t warp in variable temperatures.


Polyamide ensures that the aluminium windows in your Barnet home will last as long as thirty years. Speak with our team about getting double glazing products with polyamide thermal breaks.

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Double Glazing Prices Barnet

If you’re a Barnet homeowner or tradesperson looking for double glazing prices, you can use our online quoting tool. You’ll be able to get initial pricing. Alternatively, you can ring our team on 08007723342. Get in touch today!

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