Terms and Conditions

•    All prices are exclusive of VAT.

•    GLIDELINE have allowed within our preliminary costs for the clearing of our rubbish to a central point adjacent/ within close proximity to our works, for clearing from site by others.

•    In regard to material specifications GLIDELINE have either followed specification or made assumptions however we will require confirmation of the acceptance of these details or structural calculations provided before ordering materials (drawing approval).

•    Following recent construction business failures we do not accept retention to be deducted during the construction process.

•    Unless stated in our bid, all access equipment, be it fixed or mobile, is excluded and deemed to be supplied free issue by others.

•    This price is open for acceptance for 60 days from date of the estimate. We reserve the right to change our prices following the expiry date of our quotation (materials prices/ exchange rates can change).

•    GLIDELINE have made no allowance within the tender for protecting our works. Any protection required will incur an additional cost unless agreed otherwise.

•    GLIDELINE require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to commence works on site following agreement of design details unless agreement is made otherwise. All of our products have different lead times, dependant on the production dates.

•    Our price is based on deliveries and works being carried out during normal working hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and excluding Bank Holidays) in one continuous visit within the confines of a mutually agreeable programme. It also assumes that materials can be delivered in large full loads. Multiple visits and multi-phased working will be chargeable unless specifically agreed and stated in our quotation.

•    GLIDELINE make no allowance for any builders work (BWIC) and making good, this is deemed by others.

•    GLIDELINE have allowed for all of our units to be fitted into prepared openings by others.

•    Payment terms vary on what we are supply and contract value. For supply and install we generally ask for 60% deposit upon order placement and 30% prior to installation and 10% on completion. For supply only we ask for 50% deposit upon order placement and 50% prior to delivery. We will not start with our design drawings until the deposit payment has been received (cleared funds).

•    If products have been manufactured or are in the process of manufacturing all paid is non-refundable. If profile has been ordered in specifically for your job and you decide to cancel your order then your deposit is non-refundable.

•    All products installed remain the property of GLIDELINE until they are fully paid for. GLIDELINE reserve the right to remove products that are not paid for in full.

•    GLIDELINE do not accept claims of consequential loss unless previously agreed in writing.

•    GLIDELINE have priced for our own items and fixing to a suitable substrate. We are not responsible for the substrates of others or the suitability of existing structures to accept new loads/ loads applied by our works. Our drawings will be based on the information available to us at survey therefore pilot holes may be required and would be the responsibility of the main contractor. We have not allowed for associated site work unless stated I.E supporting steelwork, timber grounds or lead flashings.

•    When we have allowed for aluminium pressings within our quotation (this will be identified within the description of the item or as a separate line item) we allow for decorative aluminium pressings powder coated to a classic RAL colour. Pressings are decorative only and are to be fixed to a suitable, waterproof substructure provided by others (we do not waterproof the pressings unless described within our quotation). Anodised finishes will warrant an additional cost unless the cost is included as a line item within our quotation or the item is described as being anodised. Pressing configurations and sizes are not always clearly shown on architect’s drawings so we reserve the right to revisit our prices for these items following our site survey if the type of pressing required is different from what is shown on initial drawings/ the full extent of the pressing and connection details are not shown on the drawings.

•    GLIDELINE have allowed to clean our installations as they are fitted however we have made no allowance for a final clean and if required this item would be chargeable unless agreed otherwise in writing.

•    Ensure that the aperture is prepared exactly in accordance with the dimensions detailed on the GLIDELINE CAD drawings. If the aperture is not prepared to the correct dimensions the installation team will wait on site until the builder corrects the aperture for a maximum of 3 hours. If it is not possible to correct the aperture in the given time, a re-installation fee will have to be added to the invoice and will have to be paid prior to installation.

•    If no contract program is issued at tender/contract commencement then we reserve the right to review our contract sum in light of potential acceleration or extended working.

•    GLIDELINE do not accept any cost set off unless we are notified within 10 working days of the event.

•    GLIDELINE use our best endeavours to price all items correctly and to the correct dimensions, based on the information received. It is the responsibility of the client to check our detailed quotation to ensure that we are compliant/ our schedule is in accordance with the project requirements.

•    Where double glazing is utilised we will use aluminium spacer bars coloured black/silver and a silicone edge seal to withstand degradation and increase life expectancy of the unit. We will assume that black spacer bars are required unless we are informed otherwise in writing/ via email.

•    All structural silicone will be black unless stated otherwise. Grey structural silicone is also available at an additional cost.

•    GLIDELINE offer a 12 month guarantee on our workmanship (to cover the defects liability period) and offer a 10 year guarantee for most products. Please request the warranty period prior to order so that you are aware of this.

•    In lieu of a specification we will always design and price to the relevant EU/ British Standards.

•    In relation to design we have allowed to prepare one set of drawings and make the relevant amendments. If the scope of works is changed following our drawing preparation stage and the project needs to be re-designed, we will charge an hourly design rate of £49.00 (ph) to prepare new drawings/ amend the drawings accordingly.

•    GLIDELINE have not included for any flashing works unless detailed within our quotation. All flashings are bespoke so we cannot offer a standard flashing trim. We recommend lead flashings are installed by others.

•    GLIDELINE allow for RAL 9005 (black) for all structural glazing and roof light glazing (to match the butyl seals of the double glazed units and the structural mastic) as this will provide an invisible frame appearance. Any RAL colour can be requested however will be at an additional cost. Any classic RAL colour is included for our Minimal Window system. Anodised finishes: This type of finish will warrant a cost uplift. Marine Grade Finishes: We have not included for this type of finish unless this is shown within the quotation. Stainless steel finishes: We have not included for this type of finish unless this is shown within the quotation.

•    The maximum allowable ‘live load’ deflection for the steel beam above door systems is 5mm. If the live load deflections exceeds this it can interfere with the door operation (GLIDELINE take responsibility for this if the steel beam is by GLIDELINE and we take no responsibility for this if the steel beam is by others). We make no allowance for supporting steelwork unless this is shown within our quotation.

•    GLIDELINE endeavour to allow for all necessary access equipment within our quotation however we reserve the right to charge additional monies should we discover that further access equipment is required following our access survey. We make no allowance for craneage, unless agreed otherwise in writing or shown within our offer.

•    Our price is based on dimensions being confirmed to us unless site survey is shown as included within our offer.

•    If items are omitted from our package following our drawing preparation we reserve the right to charge for the loss of profit on this item.  Item costs may increase if items are omitted from our quotation as the associated costs such as labour are generally spread equally across all items.

•    Additional metal brackets or strapping that may be required for openings will be charged for unless specified within our quotation.

•    All lead times provided are guide lead times based on recent production dates received. GLIDELINE cannot confirm exact delivery dates until we have received drawing approval and placed our orders with our factory / suppliers.

•    Automated Equipment: We will install all automated equipment. Connection to the mains power supply will be by others and GLIDELINE do not offer this service.

•    GLIDELINE take no responsibility for nickel sulphide inclusions. All glass is manufactured in accordance with the relevant BS/ EN regulations and all tolerances therein (all toughened glass has a tolerance of +/- 2mm). Any visual defects in the glass are deemed acceptable if they are not noticeable from 2 metres away (toughened glass) or 3 metres away (toughened laminated glass) at right angles to the glass and in normal daylight excluding the 50mm band around the glass edge. Any visual checks for scratches are to be completed prior to any finishing works being done one site, as this can cause scratches to the glass if they are not protected. All glass can be assessed in accordance with the GGF guidelines and if tests are not passed units will be replaced. Please request a copy of the GGF guidelines if you would like comprehensive information on this subject.

•    GLIDELINE will take responsibility of our units until they are installed. Once the units are installed, the responsibility of the unit is the clients. Note that we do not take responsibility for any damage caused by others when items are being stored on site.

•    Please note that different products/ items may use different glass compositions. Slight visual differences can sometimes be seen when different compositions are used although this has never been a concern.

•    Note that all sizes stated on our quotation are unit sizes/ back of frame or glass sizes. We reserve the right to re-cost the item if we discover that the item is larger than costed, following our site survey (we work on a +/- 100mm basis/ we will not charge additional monies unless the item is 100mm larger than that shown on our quotation). All roof light sizes stated on our quotation are actual glass sizes and not clear opening sizes.

•    Roof lights/ floor lights may experience water ponding (water sitting onto the surface) during light rain/ when the water does not have sufficient momentum to exit the end of the glass span when these items are flat or laid at a very minimal fall.

•    GLIDELINE have made no allowance for shaped units and assumed that all openings will be true and square unless shaped panels are specified as included within our offer (within individual item descriptions).

•    Our day works rates are: Fitter: £40.00 ph. Driver: £30.00 ph. Draftsman: £50 ph. Any additional access equipment/ other items required will be charged at cost + 30% unless otherwise agreed.

•    GLIDELINE will fix our price for 12 months from the date of the deposit payment. If the project is delayed and we do not start production within 12 months we reserve the right to revisit our quotation.

•    GLIDELINE take no responsibility for securing the project over night when our works are ongoing. This is assumed to be the responsibility of the contractor on site. We can provide a cost/ make provisions for this upon demand.

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