GS47 Sliding Patio Doors

Glideline is delighted to now offer GS47 sliding doors to our customers across the UK. This system is perfect for sliding doors and windows with straight aesthetics.

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Colour Systems

The GS47 sliding door is available with dual colour systems as well as finished with a colour powder coating! This means that we can manufacture your new sliding doors to suit whatever colour your home is.
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Smooth Operation

This particular system of sliding doors allows for incredibly smooth operation. Featuring a polyamide strip length of either 20 or 25mm, the GS47 is a highly energy efficient and sleek sliding door.
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Natural Light

Want to allow more natural light into your property? The GS47 sliding door is the perfect high end home improvement for you. These installations can be configured to feature a glass surface of over 90%!
gs47 Sliding Doors

Steel Rails

The GS47 sliding door incorporates a stainless steel rail. This allows for an ultra smooth sliding function. Long gone are the days of awkward, sticking sliding doors! The mid rail of these sliding doors allows you to effortlessly open your new doors for years to come.

Noise Reducing

These sliding patio doors offer a soundproofing effect. They cut out the background noise and disruptive sounds from your home. With GS47 sliding doors, your home can be more tranquil.

Highly Weatherproof

Our sliding doors are rigorously tested to ensure that they are fully weatherproof. They offer outstanding resistance against rain, cold wind and whatever else the changeable British weather may have to offer! You can be rest assured that your new sliding doors will stand the test of time.

Aluminium Home Improvements, From The Specialists

Glideline is the nation’s specialist when it comes to the production of high end, energy efficient aluminium home improvement products.

We are committed to providing homeowners and tradespeople with the best products at competitive prices, including the GS47 sliding doors. With our vast experience and strict quality measure, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new aluminium home improvement product will remain thermally efficient for many, many years after installation.

What is the maximum glazing thickness?

The maximum glazing thickness for these sliding doors is 34mm. This means that they manage to be exceptionally light, as well as highly energy efficient and durable. They also come with an interlock profile of just 47mm!

Will these doors suit my home?

Regardless of whether you live in a modern house or a traditional property, these sliding doors will fit seamlessly in. They are available in a range of colours as well as a wood effect finish, which is perfect for a more heritage feel.

How much do GS47 sliding doors cost?

We offer GS47 sliding doors to our customers at highly competitive prices. However, each installation is unique, just like each home is.

Energy Efficient Sliding Patio Doors

It has never been more important to ensure that your home is as thermally efficient as possible. These sliding patio doors are stringently tested to ensure that they offer our customers excellent energy efficiency. Specifically, we test these doors against wind resistance, air permeability, water tightness and their U-Values.

The GS47 offers U-Values as low as 1.1 (W/m²K)! These Sliding doors will remain energy efficient for many years after initial installation.

Light Inducing Home Improvements

Thanks to their durable aluminium framework, these sliding doors have a truly incredibly sleek profile. This slim profile allows for an elegant aesthetic for all styles of home. Add a touch of sophistication to your property today.

Due to their stunningly slim profiles, the GS47 sliding door can have a glass surface area of up to 95%! Thanks to their massive amount of energy efficient double glazing, they’re able to flood your home with wonderful natural light.

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For a breathtaking modern finish, homeowners can integrate the tracks with the internal and external flooring. This is the perfect option for those who prefer a more minimalistic aesthetic.

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Made in The UK

Here at Glideline, we manufacture all of our aluminium home improvement products in our state of the art manufacturing facility. When you choose us, you choose the nation’s experts in high quality aluminium doors and windows.

gs47 Sliding Patio Doors Norfolk


Whether you, or your customer, have a more traditional property or a contemporary home, our range of colours and finishes mean your new GS47 sliding doors will suit. We even have wood effect finishes available, as well as RAL colours to match with your property.

Handle Colour Options

Black 9005
Grey 7016m
Custom RAL
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