GL36 Slide and Turn Door

With our new revolutionary architectural glazing system, GL36 slide and turn door is a system that will transform your home. Engineered for discerning architects, construction companies, homeowners and glazing professionals, a new standard can be set in modern design setting aesthetic features to a new level with our slide and turn door.

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Attention to detail

Excellence delivered with our commitment to delivering excellence in every detail.
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We include a 10 year guarantee for all of our products as we are confident of their outstanding performance.
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Low Maintenance

Our GL36 slide and turn door uses materials with high durability. Our double or triple glazing glass uses minimal effort to keep shiny and clean.
Slide and turn doors

Slim Sightlines

GL36 slide and turn doors feature consistent 36mm sightlines. These are present both at the central meeting stile and along the top and bottom sash. Providing a strong, sleek profile with aluminium slide and turn doors, it creates a new style you might be urging for. Experience the beauty of uninterrupted views without compromise.

Large Structural Opening

Innovative and contemporary with minimal sightlines; a large opening space for your home. GL36 slide and turn door are designed to offer a large structural opening with a minimalist style added. It ensures you are greeted with a sleek appearance, providing open spaces to allow visitors to see various elements of your home. Start your day with the beautiful views from your home.

Energy Efficient

With exceptional U-values as low as 1.0, our slide and turn doors reduce energy consumption by a large amount. The constructed features deter heat from escaping your home, so you can save money and achieve comfort. Reduce the environmental impact by implementing slide and turn doors to decrease your carbon footprint. It also solves operating costs with outstanding thermal performance. So not only does it enhance aesthetics, it reduces energy consumption, what more could you want?

Expanding Jamb

Forming the side of the door is an expanding jamb, it delicately merges with the outer frame of our slide and turn doors. Resulting in ultra slim sightlines along the side of the slide and turn door, it contributes to the minimalist style adding modern value to your home with practicality.

Natural Light

GL36 slide and turn doors’ adaptability makes them ideal for updating and changing a living space to appreciate the sense of space and light. The latest architectural trends are designed based on the demand for natural light, our large pane slide and turn doors will ensure your home is beautifully lit.

Upgraded Design

With GL36 slide and turn door, it is intended to be a cutting-edge system that will raise the bar for contemporary slide and turn door designs. You can take advantage of uninterrupted views, simple lines, and a sleek profile that converts any room into a work of art from slide and turn doors appearance. It offers architects the freedom to create striking, contemporary designs and a chance to elevate into the modern world.


To ensure we meet your standards with our GL36 slide and turn door, we offer a free quoting engine service. This can determine every aspect of our slide and turn door to fit your style and dimension. It establishes size, frame type and style, glazing style and hardware options, all including colours and textures to choose from. Design and produce your customised GL3 slide and turn door today using our system.

Where do you manufacture it?

Our slide and turn doors are manufactured in the UK. This means we have control over how they are processed and the quality control of them.

What is the benefit of double glazing?

Double glazing resolves insulation problems as it is incredibly energy efficient, keeping heat from escaping and retaining any gain.

What colours do you offer?

The slide and turn GL36 door comes in Anthracite Grey, Jet Black, White, Anodized or a custom filter ranging between all of these colours is available to suit you.

Invisible Hardware

You will be met with a clean, uncluttered appearance as a result of GL36’s slide and turn door concealed hardware. The ideal approach to building a stylish environment that lets the beauty of the architecture stand out.

With flush thresholds, it creates a smooth, seamless integration into your place with uninterrupted visual movement from slide and turn doors. It is much more effective in creating a minimal aesthetic.

Slimline slide and turn doors

Versatile System

The GL36 is very versatile with as little as 1 pane doors to an unlimited amount of panels giving you unlimited options for aperture sizes.

Slimline slide and pivot doors

Concealed Hardware

The GL36 has completely concealed hardware giving the appearance of a fixed window from the outside.

Slimline Sliding folding doors

Slim Sightlines

The GL36 features a 36mm sightline not just in the middle but at the top and bottom too. The sides can also be concealed to maximize the glass.

Handle Colour Options

Black 9005
Custom RAL
Dark Silver
Grey 7016
Light Silver
White 9010
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