8 February 2024

How Secure Are Bifold Doors?

How Secure Are Bifold Doors?

The security of your home should never be overlooked, it is a key factor to think about when buying bifold doors.


Are bifold doors secure? Will they leave your home vulnerable? These are questions that may run through your mind! When you buy with Glideline, you will only ever get a secure, safe set of bifold doors built from strong materials. Find out more on what to look for when buying bifold doors and its security.


Are Bifold Doors Secure?

The answer is yes! If you choose to buy from Glideline, security and strength is a huge part in our products being manufactured from aluminium. Most bifold doors are considered to be secure to a high standard if they are installed with the right locks, glazing and fitted correctly.


What should I look for when buying bifold doors?


A secure bifold door operates with a multi point locking mechanism. These locks work with several bolts locking into gears in the upper and lower frames of the bifold doors. This increases the prevention of them being opened once locked. With any locking mechanism, intruders would need to remove the gears to be able to open your doors, so you are safe with bifold doors.


Twin point locks 

This type of locking system is built around the handle in the centre of the door. To engage the locking system, it can be turned. This is a common lock for folding doors.


Drop bolts

Fitting to the interior top and bottom of your doors, it can be activated manually. This adds an additional layer of protection for homeowners to have control over, as well as on top of your locking system.



This is a standardised locking system for bifold doors, the same as any other deadbolt on a front door.


What else should you look for?


Double Glazing

The glazing on your door must be high quality to prevent any intruders from damaging it. With any bifold door worth investing in, it should be manufactured using double glazing and toughened glass. When toughened glass is double glazed, it is incredibly security approved and hard to break.


Strong Frames

Using strong materials to construct bifold doors is key. At Glideline, we use aluminium to manufacture our bifold doors. This ensures that impressive strength and durability is apparent for these doors. Our bifold doors have been tested to PAS24 standards for maximum security on your home.


We highly recommend purchasing secure folding doors constructed using aluminium along with a high quality locking system. Aluminium is an excellent building material, due to its lightweight, durable nature.

If you are interested in choosing bifold doors for your home, why not check out our aluminium bifold doors?

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