25 October 2023

How To Dress Your Patio Doors Without Curtains

How To Dress Your Patio Doors Without Curtains

Patio doors have become increasingly popular to open up homes and create a special look with interior and exterior for homeowners. They can create the illusion of creating open plan living areas and brightening up your home. Patio doors are the ultimate home must-have now, with many different options to tailor them to your home. 

Many customers wonder how to dress patio doors without curtains and are unsure on where to start without compromising on the illusion of space and light. It is easy to take away the stunning appearance of a patio door in your home, however, learning to dress your patio doors the correct way can increase this!

Dressing your Patio Doors

There are many ways to dress your patio doors, a few options are:


Roller Blinds

The simplest way to dress your patio doors is with roller blinds. They have the option to be rolled to any level you desire. Roller blinds can be completely rolled up to let all aspects of day light shine through, rolled down for that extra privacy or even half way! However it suits you and your home needs, roller blinds can achieve this! 

There is a wide variety of textiles to pick from to match the interior of your home. Pick a translucent, white fabric to compliment shiny, modern kitchens and dining spaces or an opaque fabric for kitchens with a deeper colour scheme, or a bold, vivid pattern for a striking feature. 


Day and Night Blinds

Another option to consider is day and night blinds. Due to the versatility and style of these blinds, they are a great, popular choice! Similar to roller blinds, full control is given regarding the amount of light you bring into your home with its transparent, opaque strips of fabric. Day and night blinds are made up of two layers of fabric which work in harmony with each other, giving a practical open and close effect. Ultimately, it works great in conjunction with blocking certain lights or giving your home the full privacy it may need at times! 

Day and night blinds are not only practical but they give a sleek appearance to add to your home. 


Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters are a stunning, modern element to attach to your bifold doors. These shutters operate smoothly from one side to the other, allowing them to fold neatly out of the way and keep in place nicely when closed. They give you the option to open your bifold doors but still keep that privacy with tracked shutters being closed, keeping a regulated temperature! 

Dressing your patio doors is the perfect way to add style to your home! Choose the right dressing to compliment your home.

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