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Flat roofs are ensured to increase the decorative quality of your home. Our team of experts manufacture and supply our high quality products across the UK. Get in touch for flat roof prices today!

Aluminium Casement Windows Costs

Energy Efficient

Reduce your home’s carbon emissions output with our energy efficient flat roofs.
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Fast Installation

Forget about long wait times; our expert team will have your skylight roof up in no time.
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Natural Light

Flood your home with natural light using our flat roof range.
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Panoramic View Skylight

Aluminium skylights will grant your home amazing views, particularly at night when the stars are out. With our flat roofs, you’ll be able to wow guests in your or your customer’s home.

Ten Year Guaranteed

Enjoy a decade of hassle free performance with our flat roof’s ten year guarantee. Our guarantee ensures peace of mind for your skylights, assuring you won’t need to replace them for years.

Slimline Profile

Designed with aesthetics in mind, our aluminium rooflights are truly stunning. They utilise a slimline aluminium profile, making the most of the glass portion of your flat roofs.

Perfect Fitting Frame

Thanks to the bespoke nature of our aluminium rooflights, we ensure that they fit perfectly to your specific measurements. This will eliminate problems at installation with your flat roofs.

Noise Reduction Glazing

We use high quality double glazing in our skylights which will provide a soundproofing effect for your or your customer’s home. Cutting background noise out, aluminium rooflights will ensure a quiet space.

Low Maintenance Materials

An example of fit and forget, our flat roofs will not need constant maintenance and care to stay looking their best. With just an occasional clean, your aluminium skylights will look stunning.

Perfect Fitting, Easy Installation Flat Roofs

Thanks to the bespoke nature of our manufacturing process, our home improvements are of high quality. We carefully monitor every aspect of our fabrication process to ensure double glazed products like our flat roofs are aesthetics and high performance.

Another benefit of making to measure is that we can ensure our home improvements fit your home perfectly. This is in terms of both stylistic options, with a massive range of customisation and installation. They’ll seal completely for the best weatherproofing and durability.

How do I find pricing?

We price all of our flat roofs bespoke to each customer. This is as each aluminium rooflight is made specific to each customer’s requirements.

Are they environmentally friendly?

Aluminium is a sustainable resource that is also recyclable, being able to be reused time and time again. Because they’re energy efficient, they’ll also reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Are they secure?

We have included several modern locking mechanisms in our aluminium rooflights to keep your home safe. Tamper proof fasteners will prevent intruders from attempting to break in through your flat roofs.

Amazing Views with Flat Roofs

Flat roofs will allow you an amazing view of the exterior of your home, particularly at night. You’ll be able to turn any part of your house into a feature area with our aluminium rooflights. Wow your guests with stunning views of the night sky while you relax and socialise.

You’re afforded these excellent views thanks to the slim profiles of these aluminium rooflights. Minimising the amount of physical frame that is visible, we maximise the amount of glass space. That leaves completely unobstructed views for your skylights.

Noise Reduction Double Glazing

Our aluminium rooflights use modern double glazing to ensure the best levels of performance. This includes noise reduction, with our flat roofs cutting out potentially disruptive noise. Encouraging peace and quiet within your home, our aluminium flat rooflights will make for less disruption.

Double glazed aluminium skylights will also help to keep your home thermally efficient, making for a comfortably warm environment. With high thermal retention, they could make your home less reliant on heating. This could, in turn, save you money on utility bills regularly.

Flat Roofs Built to Last

Aluminium is renowned for its excellent amount of longevity and hard wearing performance. Often, they can last for 45 years or more, being impervious to the effect of weathering and ageing. Even after decades, you’ll be enjoying your flat roofs.

But at Glideline, we like to go a step further to make sure your aluminium rooflights will last. Ensuring you’ll have hassle free performance for at least a decade, we include a ten year guarantee across our flat roofs, reflecting the confidence we have in our products.

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Colour Choice

There are a stunning amount of colours for you to choose from for your flat roofs. Choose from over 150 colours to achieve the aesthetics that suit the rest of your home.

Flat Roofs Southtown

Made in the UK

We have a dedicated aluminium factory where we produce all our products. It’s all made right here in the UK so that we can maintain the highest quality. This allows us to serve our customers throughout the UK with ease.

Flat Roofs Norfolk

Certass Certified

We are massively confident in our aluminium products, such as our flat roofs, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We have Certass approval reflecting our dedication to quality and service.

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