GS25 Sliding Patio Doors

Invite natural light into your customer’s home with our GS25 sliding patio doors. Our team of experts manufacture and supply our products across the UK. Use our online quoting engine for sliding patio door prices today!

Aluminium Casement Windows Costs

Smooth Operation

Aluminium sliding patio doors will continue to open effortlessly for years.
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Thanks to their aluminium sliding system, our sliding patio doors are suitable for large dimensions of 4000mm by 4000mm.
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Natural Light

Making the most of the profile of these sliding patio doors, they feature a glass surface of 94%.
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Gliding Motion

The midrail of our sliding patio doors has been designed to offer a smooth motion. Sticking will be a thing of the past thanks to the smooth aluminium railing.

94% Glass Surface

Get a truly contemporary look from our sliding doors, which provide  94% glass surface. These aluminium patio doors will create minimalist, modern aesthetics for any home.

Noise Reduction Glazing

Our sliding patio doors have a soundproofing effect by cutting out background noise and disruptive sounds from your next project. With our aluminium sliding doors, homes can become more peaceful.

Opening Options

You can choose between a motorised opening for weights up to 700kg, which hides the sash within the frame, or a manual opening that can support up to 400kg, for your patio sliding doors.

Weatherproof Seals

Rigorously tested against a multitude of criteria, our sliding patio doors will offer a weatherproof performance. They’ll provide resistance to wind and rain in equal measure for a protected home.

25mm Visible Section

Living up to their name, our sliding patio doors feature just 25mm of visible section. With such a sleek profile, our aluminium sliding doors are perfect for homes with a minimalist aesthetic.

Aluminium Home Improvement Experts

Glideline are specialists when it comes to the production of aluminium windows and doors as well as roof products. We have a wide catalogue that includes unique home improvements such as our pocket doors and gable shaped windows.

We’re dedicated to providing homeowners and trade customers high performance products such as our sliding patio doors. They’re manufactured with the best materials, with a focus on high thermal efficiency and security. With our focus on quality, you’ll get the very best from Glideline.

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What U-values do they achieve?

Our sliding patio doors can have U-values as low as 0.9 W/m²K. With such a low U-value being provided by our aluminium sliding doors, your or your customer’s home will have an energy efficient home.

What’s the maximum glazing thickness?

Your aluminium sliding doors can achieve a glazing thickness of up to 54mm, able to offer triple as well as double glazing. We also include several opening possibilities for our sliding patio doors, giving customers plenty of options.

Do you offer wood effect finishes?

If you have a traditional home, you might be wondering if sliding patio doors will match with your project design. However, with our sliding doors wood effect finish, they’ll fit perfectly.

Thermally Efficient Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are the link between the interior of your or your customers home and the outside. So, it’s important that they are thermally efficient, keeping heat within your customer’s home. With an A+ energy rating, our aluminium sliding doors will keep your project warmer all year.

Aside from keeping the home warmer in the winter, sliding patio doors will also help prevent homes from overheating in the summer. This increased thermal efficiency could lead to less reliance on heating. In turn, our aluminium patio doors could save your customer’s money on utility bills. Our aim at Glideline is to help you look even better in front of your clients!

Light Inducing, Aesthetic Aluminium Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors have an incredibly slim profile, provided by their aluminium framework. This slim framework gives aluminium patio doors a sleek and elegant aesthetic for any home. With our aluminium sliding doors, you can add a touch of modern luxury to any property.

Featuring a slim profile, these aluminium patio doors can have a glass area of up to 95%. Utilising a massive amount of glazing, these aluminium sliding doors allow a massive amount of light to enter your client’s home improvement project. This will enhance your given space’s decorative style even further.

Long Lasting, Waterproof Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are rigorously tested to provide homes with an excellent level of weatherproofing. Having been tested for air permeability, watertightness, and wind resistance, aluminium patio doors will provide a hard wearing quality. They’ll keep the elements at bay for decades to come.

Aluminium doors often have a lifespan well into the decades. This is afforded by the highly resistant and durable nature of aluminium, which resists ageing and rust for decades. When you choose our sliding patio doors, you’re choosing a long term solution.

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You can choose for your slimline sliding patio door to be integrated into the floor. This creates a stunning, minimalist aesthetic that conceals the tracks for a striking finish.

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Colour Customisation

Whether you or your customers have a modern home or more traditional property, our range of colours and finishes will suit. We have wood effect finishes, as well as RAL colours to match with your design.

Sliding Patio Doors Norfolk

Made in the UK

We manufacture all of our aluminium home improvements, like our sliding patio doors, from our state of the art manufacturing facility in the UK. We’re nationwide experts in aluminium windows and doors, specialising in high quality.

Handle Colour Options

Black 9005
Custom RAL
Dark Silver
Grey 7016
Light Silver
White 9010
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