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Here at Glideline, we offer two amazing styles of sliding patio doors for our Stratford customers. We manufacture, supply and install, so you can be assured excellent and consistent quality from start to finish! We pride ourselves on excellence, from the product, to the installation, to the service you receive along the way. You can be confident that we’ll be putting you and your Stratford home first. Visit our online quoting engine today to get a free, bespoke quote for sliding patio doors for your Stratford home.

Aluminium Casement Windows Costs

Natural Light

Our aluminium sliding patio doors utilise slim door profiles to allow high volumes of natural light to enter your home.
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Embedded Options

Our embedding options enable you to achieve a truly sleek, modern aesthetic.
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Weather Resistant

Our sliding patio doors are created for exceptional weather resistance, keeping the elements out of your home, and preventing problems before they have a chance to start.
Sliding Patio Doors prices Stratford

Thick Double Glazing

With a double glazing thickness of 30mm, our sliding patio doors can provide your Stratford home with fantastic levels of thermal efficiency. This means your Stratford will keep a more comfortable and consistent temperature all year round, without needing to spend out on costly central heating or air conditioning. A reduced reliance on energy guzzling heating and cooling solutions pays for itself, as it lowers your energy bills!

Ultra Slim Sightlines

We offer two different styles of sliding patio doors – the GS25 and the GS20. Both styles boast ultra thin sightlines to ensure you can make the most of the views from your Stratford home. Whilst the views are maximised, you also won’t need to worry about compromising on performance, as we use thick 30mm glazing to ensure that our doors perform well, no matter how vast the amount of glass!

Noise Reduction Glazing

High quality double glazing doesn’t just mean you’ve got highly durable, strong windows with great thermal efficiency (although those are some pretty fantastic benefits). It also means you’ll enjoy excellent soundproofing, so you won’t be disturbed by any noises outside, and your private conversations can stay within the walls of your home.

Industry-Leading Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors Made to Measure

We manufacture all our sliding patio doors, as well as all of our other products, in-house from our Norfolk base. We’re completely in control of the fabrication, which helps us to meet our aim to create the best quality sliding patio doors available on the market today. We source the highest quality aluminium and use our years of expertise to craft outstanding sliding patio doors for your Stratford home. And because we’re creating all our sliding patio doors in-house, they’ll be totally bespoke and made to measure. We want to ensure the perfect fit for your Stratford home!

What colours do you offer?

When you choose Glideline for aluminium doors in Stratford, you’ll have a wide range of colour options. We offer more than 150 RAL colours to choose from, as well as a selection of finishes, so that you can ensure that your patio doors are the best fit for your home.

Where can I find pricing?

You can use our online quoting engine for a free sliding patio doors quote today. Enter your preferences and details, and we’ll create a fully bespoke, no-obligation quote just for you.

Are they guaranteed?

We put our customers first, every step of the way. That is why we offer a ten-year product guarantee on all our aluminium windows and doors, so that you can have complete and total peace of mind.

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GS25 Sliding Patio Doors

Give your Stratford home a sleek and ultra modern facelift with our GS25 sliding patio doors. With sleek aluminium profiles and large unbroken glazed panels, they offer a gorgeous, minimalistic vibe to any Stratford home.

But the really modern part of this contemporary style is its energy efficiency. Environmental friendliness is one of the top concerns in the industry at the moment, and we’re proud to offer these amazingly energy efficient doors so that your Stratford home can become more green.

Think an A+ Energy Rating is good? Well, it is, but an A++ is even better, and it’s something our GS25 sliding patio doors can achieve! The better the energy rating your home has, the lower your energy consumption, which means cheaper energy bills and a much smaller carbon footprint!

GS20 Slimline Sliding Patio Doors

For Stratford homeowners who love their garden or their views and want to maximise these to their fullest extent, our GS20 sliding patio doors offer the perfect solution.

With even slimmer sightlines than the GS25 range, the GS20 sliding patio doors have a sightline of just 20mm. This reduces the thickness of the frame as much as possible to optimise the amount of glazing.

More glazing means better views, so by maximising the glass areas, our sliding patio doors really are giving you more access to those lovely Stratford views.

All that, and thanks to our high performance double glazing, you won’t have to compromise to get the benefits, as you’ll still enjoy excellent thermal performance and security.

slimline sliding patio doors Stratford
Patio Doors Prices

Sliding Patio Doors Prices, Stratford

Visit our online quoting engine for a free, bespoke quote for our incredible range of sliding patio doors. Or if you’ve got questions, please get in touch with our friendly and expert team!

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