Aluminium Bifold Doors in Essex

Boost the style and performance of your Essex home with our wide range of elegant and practical aluminium bifold doors. We’ve been installing stunning aluminium bifold doors into Essex homes for decades, so you’re assured an experienced and expert installation when you choose Glideline. Our friendly team are always on hand to help with any questions you may have – why not get in touch with them today to find out more about how our aluminium bifold doors could enhance your Essex home?

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Weatherproof Design

We thoroughly test our aluminium bifold doors to ensure the very best weather protection.
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Thermal Efficiency

You'll be able to achieve U-values as low as 1.1 W/m²K with our aluminium bifold doors.
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Security Protected

Having been tested to PAS 24 standards, our range aluminium bifold doors are excellent protection.
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Unique Folding System

Aluminium bifold doors fold in on themselves when they open, so they take up minimal space. You’ll never need to worry about leaving a wide opening arc clear! This unique folding design means you really can make the most of the floor space you have available, making your Essex home work harder for you.

Slimline Aluminium Framing

One of the most distinctive features of our aluminium bifold doors is the slimline frames. These provide near unbroken views out across your Essex garden and support huge double glazed panels to really optimise your views. And that’s just when they’re closed – when they are open, the aluminium bifold doors frame a wide, expansive view seamlessly, blending the indoors and the outdoors for a beautiful flow.

Large Glazing Area

Double glazing provides tons of benefits, particularly in terms of security, durability and thermal efficiency. With the large glazed areas, not only are you maximising the views and the amount of light that gets in, but you’re also maximising your double glazing benefits!

Customer Customisation

Whether your home is traditional, modern, quirky or has a really distinctive style, with our range of customisation options, you’ll be sure to find an aluminium bifold door solution to perfectly suit your Essex home. From different handles and hardware to a wide range of bespoke colour options and different finishes, no matter how you’d like to personalise your installation, we’ve got it covered!

Opening Configurations

How your aluminium bifold doors are configured is completely up to you. You can opt for any number of panels, up to a maximum of four, so that you can enjoy the size and configuration that will work best for you and your family.

Low Threshold Option

You want the whole family to be able to easily access your Stratford home and garden. But some people and pets have different accessibility needs. Wheelchair uses, pushchairs, those with mobility difficulties, and even small garden pets will benefit from a low threshold option, as it makes the space much more accessible to them.

Made to Measure Aluminium Doors, Based in Essex

Many installers use a one-size fits all approach with aluminium bifold doors, but here at Glideline, we don’t think that makes much sense. All of our aluminium bifold doors are completely made to measure, so we can be totally certain that they’ll fit your Essex home perfectly. We offer fully bespoke aluminium bifold door solutions to make your installation as smooth and seamless as possible.

What’s the maximum glazing thickness?

With our aluminium bifold doors, you can have a glazing thickness of as much as 45mm. This will help to provide the best levels of thermal efficiency and security for your or your customer’s home.

Will they suit traditional homes?

Aluminium bifold doors are truly versatile in application. They’ll look perfect in modern properties, but also traditional homes, with wood finishes giving them a more heritage aesthetic.

How weatherproof are they?

Through rigorous testing, we have ensured that our concertina doors are fully weather protected. They’ve been tested against air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance.

Space Saving Aluminium Bifold Doors

Really optimise how you use your space with our range of aluminium bifold doors. Their unique folding design takes up minimal space when open so that you can make far greater use of the floor space around the doors. Not only do they save space though, they also enhance and exaggerate the space by providing lots of light, air and access to make any space appear bigger and more beautiful.

Slimline Framed Concertina Doors

The distinctive slim frame of our aluminium bifold doors offers a luxurious and sleek aesthetic for your Essex home. Minimalist in style to maximise the glazing’s benefits, these offer a really elegant touch to any property.

Aluminium Bifold Doors essex

Colour Choice

You’ll have complete control when it comes to colour choices for your new aluminium bifold doors. From bespoke colours and finishes to even choosing the colour for the handles and hardware, you’ll be able to colour match to your heart’s content.

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Made in the UK

All of our aluminium bifold doors, as well as all of our other products, are manufactured right here in the UK, at our Great Yarmouth base. By manufacturing and installing our aluminium bifold doors, we can be assured that the quality and performance are of an excellent standard every step of the way.

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Certass Certified

We’re fully approved by Certass, with their stamp of approval, so you can be assured that we consistently deliver on the quality and performance that we promise.

Handle Colour Options

Brushed Silver
Anthracite Grey
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Aluminium Bifold Doors Prices, Essex

Visit our online quoting engine for a bespoke, no-obligation quote if you're ready to get started! Alternatively, get in touch with the team for any questions you may have.

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