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Lantern roofs will flood your home with light. Our dedicated team expertly manufactures and supplies our products across the UK.

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Easy to Clean

Fit and forget your lantern roofs, which are incredibly easy to maintain.
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Ten Year Guaranteed

Longevity is assured for our lantern roofs with our ten year guarantee.
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Hard Wearing

Lantern roofs are highly resistant against the weather and the effects of ageing.
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Hassle Free Installation

We have manufactured our aluminium skylights with fitting in mind, taking all of the stress out. With our lantern roofs, you won’t be waiting long for fitting, giving more time to enjoy your new feature.

Maximum Glass Area

Utilising the largest amount of double glazing possible, our lantern roofs have a stunningly aesthetic look. That’ll bring out the most of your home’s decorative style and creates a minimalist look.

Tamper Proof Features

Our factory in the UK fabricates our aluminium roof lanterns with the latest state of the art methods. We have a glass lock system and tamper proof fasteners for secure lantern roofs.

Low U-value Glazing

Achieving U-values as low as 1.2 W/m²K, our aluminium roof lanterns will provide great energy efficiency. These lantern roofs will help keep your home comfortably warm all year round.

Traditional Style

Our lantern roofs have been designed to retain traditional style creating a timeless aesthetic quality. However, our lantern skylights are manufactured with modern techniques and performance in mind.

Thermally Broken Profile

Thanks to our lantern roofs’ great energy efficiency, you or your customers could find yourselves relying less on heating. With less heating, our lantern skylights have the potential to lower your bills.

State of the Art Manufacturing

Manufacturing all of our aluminium home improvements from our state of the art manufacturing facility, we use all of the latest processes. This enables us to provide double glazed windows, doors and roof lanterns with the very best modern performance.

It also allows us to create products like our lantern roofs that have a timeless aesthetic style. Whether you have a traditional home or a contemporary new build property, they’ll look absolutely stunning. With Glideline, you get the best of form and function.

How can I find prices?

We price all of our aluminium roof lanterns competitively, providing the best possible prices without compromising on quality.

How often will they need cleaning?

With aluminium skylights, you won’t have to worry about having regular maintenance. They’ll only require very occasional cleaning a couple of times a year to stay looking stunningly good.

How strong are lantern roofs?

Our roof lanterns are made to the very highest standards of strength and durability. They’re able to support massive weights, as much as 8 tonnes, reflective of their high quality sturdiness.

Energy Efficient Lantern Roofs

Thermal efficiency has been a top priority for homeowners and home improvements in recent years. Never is this more important than in lantern roofs. Being a barrier between your home’s interior and the elements, aluminium skylights need to be energy efficient.

Our roof lanterns have been developed to provide comfortable temperatures all year round. With U-values as low as 1.2 W/m²K, aluminium roof lanterns will keep heat within your home during winter. That’ll keep your utility bills to a minimum as well, saving you money every month.

Strong and Secure Lantern Skylights

You or your customers will be able to enjoy the very highest levels of peace of mind with our lantern roofs. We integrate the latest locking mechanisms and security features so that your home is protected. Our aluminium roof lanterns have innovative security measures to keep you safe.

Aside from being protected against potential intruders, our lantern roofs are also inherently strong and durable. Aluminium skylights will shrug off the worst that weather can throw at it, keeping your home secure. They can even support weights of up to 8 tonnes without cracking.

Truly Stunning Lantern Roofs

Roof lanterns are sure to become a major talking point amongst your or your customer’s friends and family. Their design is absolutely stunning, with large glass areas and a slim framework making these skylights highly aesthetic. They’ll funnel light into your interior spaces.

Despite being associated with modern homes, aluminium skylights are incredibly versatile. They’ll look perfect in traditional homes as much as they will modern new builds. Regardless of their classic design, our lantern roofs’ performance is extremely modern.

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Stylish Frames

You have a choice between the style you prefer for your aluminium lantern roofs. We offer contemporary, pyramid and flat designs so you can match with your home’s aesthetic.

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Colour Choice

Complete the look of your roof lanterns with our massive range of colours that are on offer. With over 150 RAL colours available for your skylights, they’ll offer an individual style.

Lantern Roofs Norfolk

Made in the UK

Dedicated to providing a consistent level of quality across all of our aluminium products, we fabricate all roof lanterns ourselves. They’re made in the UK in our state of the art factory.

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