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Make the most of your home with pocket doors. We install aluminium doors across the whole of the UK. Contact us online for pocket door prices today!

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Easy to Clean

Aluminium doors such as our pocket doors will be low maintenance for homeowners.
Aluminium Casement Windows Norfolk

Bespoke Fabrication

These pocket doors will be manufactured to any customer’s requirements, fitting perfectly.
Aluminium Casement Windows London

Slimline Frames

Our pocket doors have just 20mm of visible frame, some of the slimmest doors available.
Pocket Doors Gorleston

Low U-value

Help keep your home toasty and warm all year round with our pocket doors. With a U-value as low as 1.3 W/m2K, these pocket sliding doors will keep a consistently comfortable temperature inside the home.


Unique Opening Mechanism

Pocket sliding doors have a unique opening style that maximises space. Thanks to the sliding nature of pocket doors, they don’t need to open outwards, essential for tight spaces and smaller rooms.


Seamless Transition Profile

Open up your home and make movement effortless with pocket sliding doors. These aluminium doors provide a seamless transition between rooms within your or your customer’s property.


Minimalist Style

For a modern interior, you can create a minimalist aesthetic with our pocket sliding doors. You and your customers can maximise the style of our pocket doors with our colour options.


Smooth Opening

Pocket sliding doors open effortlessly, thanks to their aluminium profiles. With a quiet and seamless transition, they’ll help maintain a calm and non disruptive environment.


Convenient Privacy

Grant your interior rooms a degree of privacy with these concealed sliding doors. Pocket doors can be used to separate office spaces, granting you or your customer’s privacy when dealing with sensitive work.


Hassle Free Aluminium Home Improvements

We fabricate our aluminium windows and doors bespoke to each customer’s unique circumstances. With products like our pocket doors, this allows us to maintain a high level of quality. We make all of our aluminium doors in our UK based state of the art manufacturing facility. Our team of experts operate nationwide.

You’ll also see the benefits of our bespoke manufacturing when your aluminium doors are installed. We’ll make products like our pocket doors to measure, so there are no surprises at fitting. With a perfect installation, they’ll provide decades of high performance.


How many colours do you offer?

We like to ensure homeowners can achieve the style they’re looking for from their concealed sliding doors. We offer over 150 colours for our pocket doors to enable this.


How can I find pricing?

Just like our manufacturing process, we price all of our aluminium doors bespoke to each customer. Contact us online for a pocket door quote today!


Are they guaranteed?

We’re confident of our aluminium doors’ high quality and excellent standards. As a result, we include a ten year guarantee on all of our products, including our pocket doors.


Seamlessly Transition Around Your Home

Pocket doors allow you to open up space within your home. Giving you versatile options for opening, concealed sliding doors can give you a smooth and seamless transition between rooms in your home. This will open up any property and maximise interior space.

The operation of your pocket doors will be as seamless and effortless as the transition they provide. Aluminium doors have a resistant free, non stick track that will open smoothly every time. For an easy, effortless aluminium door, choose our pocket sliding doors.


Space Saving Pocket Doors

Homeowners want to maximise the space of their interior to the fullest effect. In this regard, pocket doors could be the best solution for an aluminium door that doesn’t take up more space than it needs. Their sliding door opening allows for the maximum area in your home.

Homeowners who are tight for space could see the biggest benefits from these pocket sliding doors. Particularly in rooms that are of an unusual configuration, pocket doors could allow for far easier access. Their convenient opening allows for maximum versatility.


Minimalist Style Concealed Sliding Doors

Pocket sliding doors have a distinctly contemporary aesthetic that will liven up your or your customer’s home. Their concealed opening creates a non intrusive, minimalist aesthetic. Pocket doors could be the injection of style your home needs.

Another benefit of their minimalist style is their convenience for providing privacy. If you are using a room for office space and want to cut out background noise, you can easily close the door. Pocket doors are a truly versatile and minimalist door solution.


Pocket Doors

Bespoke Colours

With over 150 colours to choose from, you’ll be able to match our pocket sliding doors to any style of property. If you want to stand out, choose a vibrant colour, or if you prefer, we have more subtle shades.


Pocket Doors Southtown

Made in the UK

We fabricate our products ourselves, believing that this grants us complete quality control over products like our pocket sliding doors. They’re all made in our state of the art manufacturing facility in the UK.


Pocket Doors

Certass Approved

While we’re confident of the quality of our products and the dedication of our customer service, you don’t have to take our word for it. Certass have approved our service, reflecting our excellent quality.


Handle Colour Options

Black 9005
Custom RAL
Dark Silver
Grey 7016
Light Silver
White 9010
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