GL36 Slide and Turn Windows

Redefine your home with our GL36 slide and turn window, a revolutionary architectural glazing system meticulously engineered for discerning architects, construction companies, glazing experts, and homeowners.


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Unmatched Views

Breathtaking views are the exceptional element of our GL36 slide and turn windows.
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Ten Year Guarantee

We include a 10-year guarantee with our services to ensure you are never worried about the quality or longevity of our products.
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High Quality

GL36 slide and turn windows are made with high quality aluminium made for strong performance in your home.
GL36 slide and turn window

Ultra Slim 36mm Sightlines

Our GL36 slide and turn window sets a new benchmark with its consistent 36mm sightlines. Offering a modern, high quality option suitable for giving homeowners the experience of uninterrupted views without compromise. With such a sleek profile, our aluminium slide and turn windows can create the modern aesthetic you’re looking for.

Invisible Hardware

Say goodbye to visible clutter. GL36’s slide and turn windows concealed hardware ensures you are greeted with a sleek, minimalist appearance. The perfect way to create a stylish home, allowing architectural beauty to shine through.

Flush Thresholds

Seamlessly integrate the transition from outdoor to indoor. Our slide and turn window creates a smooth conversion into your space with an unbroken visual flow, merging the spaces in between.

Concealed Frames

Minimal window frames can be designed to be entirely concealed, which is exactly what our GL36 slide and turn windows show. Our innovative slide and turn window design conceals the side frame of the window. Creating a fixed window appearance is just one practical feature for you while providing functionality when needed.

Expanding Jamb

The GL36 slide and turn window has a feature of an expanding jamb. Supporting the window and keeping it in place, it elegantly merges with the outer frame enabling them to slide and turn with minimal effort.

Attention to Detail

Here at Glideline, we strive to deliver attention to detail in our architectural designs. The GL36 slide and turn windows implement the importance of precision in every feature with the ability to maximise the aperture space.


Exceptional Energy Efficiency

A strong benefit of our GL36 slide and turn windows is the exceptional U-value as low as 1.0. Not only does our slide and turn window enhance aesthetics but it also reduces energy consumption by a great deal. The features of concealed frames and flush thresholds seamlessly deter heat sources from escaping your home. Implementing GL36 slide and turn windows, not only enhances comfort but also achieves sustainability. With outstanding thermal performance, you lean less on your central heating which essentially helps decrease your carbon footprint.

Whether you are looking to reduce your energy bills or improve in house insulation, GL36 slide and turn windows are just for you.

How can I find pricing?

Our online quoting engine allows you to customise our products specifically for you, making it as efficient as possible to find double glazing prices today. We want you to have an effortless experience with us at Glideline, get a free quote today!

Are your products sustainable?

With our products, we use materials that are sustainable and safe for the environment. Aluminium is more sustainable than any other with no loss of quality.

What is the visual benefit?

GL36 slide and turn windows amplify natural light into your new, unique living space, creating beautiful views. Explore the limitless possibilities of architectural glazing with the GL36.

Elevated Design

The GL36 slide and turn window offers architects the freedom to create striking, contemporary designs. With its ultra slim sightlines along the side of the system and concealed hardware, it is designed as a cutting edge system setting a new standard in modern design of slide and turn. With GL36 slide and turn windows, you can enjoy undisturbed views, clean lines, and a sleek profile that transforms any space into a work of art.

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Made in the UK

We are expert manufacturers providing aluminium double glazing for your home improvements across the UK. Glidelines have the pleasure of being able to provide nationally in the UK, to please our customers every day.


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Excellent Customer Service

Glidelines make sure every one of our customers are extremely satisfied with their experience. We want to meet their needs with our services and deliver quality products, customers are our number one priority.

Slide and turn window

Bespoke Design

Not all designs and products will be one size, therefore we manufacture each of our customer’s slide and turn windows to fit their designs specifically fit their spaces.

Handle Colour Options

Black 9005
Custom RAL
Dark Silver
Anthracite Grey
Light Silver
White 9016
GL36 slide and turn 3 panel door

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